Construction sites across the globe offer a unique set of challenges to any refueling equipment onsite. Required to operate in all weather and adapt to any number of machines the refueling tank must be versatile, portable and strong to meet this bespoke set of requirements.

With a selection of patented and purpose built tanks to choose from, we offer models which are suited for all weathers types and terrain. Whether you choose the actionCube “Standard”, “Versatile” or “All Terrain”, you have our guarantee that fuelling process will be both efficient and safe. The actionCube Range is transportable and customised to adapt to either a direct feed or a fuel pump dispenser, making it the perfect tool for the safe refuelling of thirsty construction machinery.

Fuel spills and leakages have been long associated with the traditional single tank design. To prevent such loss of fuel the actionCube Tank Range are designed with a 110% containment protection bund. This ingenious structure makes it essentially a tank within a tank and guarantees that all toxic substances are safely stored at all times. The valves are also designed to reduce any fume evaporation or emissions through either the valve or the venting system, thus reducing cost for any lost fuel and ensuring a safe clean work environment for the duration of the build.