At Action we know when the fuel tanks are in the field that there is no room for error and every moment counts! Our ingenious design is safe, robust and perfectly suited for speedy deployment and transport to where it is needed.

Each tank has been designed to store a specific amount of fuel, by applying a gauge which determines the safe fill level. The systems protects against over-filling and seepage and insures each re-fuel is completed safely and the loss of valuable fuel is greatly minimized. The tanks will comfortably fit inside shipping containers and are designed to be “stackable and rackable” across trunk beds, to allow for easy transportation. Added to this, each actionCUBE Tank comes equipped with forklift pockets and eye lifting hooks and the high grade steel is available in both army green or mixed colours making it suitable for use in all environments and terrains.

The actionCUBE Range of steel bunded fuel storage tanks are the perfect choice for all military refueling requirements.