Mining & Quarrying

The actionCUBE Range was developed with the demanding requirements of the mining and quarrying industries in mind. As with other industries, health and safety are of paramount importance, however as mines and quarries can be particularly hazardous environments often in remote locations, safety concerns are always at the fore.

This is why all our tanks offer remote monitoring and advanced fuel management technology. In addition the tanks have been designed to store a specific amount of fuel employing a gauge which determines the safe fill level. The systems protects against over-filling and leakage making sure each re-fuel is completed safely and securely while minimizing any loss of materials. The valves are also designed to reduce any fume evaporation or emissions through either the valve or the venting system. Finally they undergo regular inspections and assessment from the industries leading experts to insure that all products meet with current global legislation and standards.

This patented, disruptive design makes our fueling solution the number one choice for the elite leaders of today’s mining and quarrying industry.