Municipalities and the public sector have often lead the way in the drive to find safe and efficient refueling solutions, which will also satisfy its citizens environmental concerns. The actionCUBE range has been designed to offer a secure and robust fuel solution, which will also meet the requirements of an increasingly environmentally aware population.

For example the actionCUBE Range will only store a specific amount of fuel, employing a gauge which determines the safe fill level, to protect against over-filling and leakage. This ensures that each re-fuel is completed safely and secure while minimizing any loss or waste of hazardous materials. The valves are also designed to reduce any fume evaporation or emissions through either the valves or the venting system, making the tank clean and safe for all those who work with it, and reducing the impact it has on the surrounding environment.

The actionCUBE Tank is designed to be adaptive, secure and easy to use and has been recognized worldwide as the preferred choice for discerning engineers and industrial experts, in particular those with with concerns around environmental issues and best practice.