Oil and Gas

In order to keep pace with the ever-growing demand for oil and gas, the fuel industry is engaged in a constant process of exploring, extracting and refining the world’s global fuel supply. To support these continual operations significant infrastructure is required, thus insuring that fuel flows constantly from source to homes and industries around the globe.

The Action range of efficient, flexible and environmentally safe fuel storage tanks are suited to easy deployment and transportation, as they will easily fit inside shipping containers and are suitable to “stack and rack” across trunk beds. This makes them the ideal choice for remote oil rigs, fracking sites, oil and gas offshore platforms and large land based oil and gas production factories across the globe. Additionally, all actionCUBE Tanks are built to the highest standard and undergo regular inspections and assessment from the industry’s leading experts to ensure that all products meet with current global legislation and standards.

The actionCUBE Range of steel bunded fuel storage tanks are the perfect choice for energy exploration industry leaders and decision makers across all sectors.