SiteCube – Versatile

SiteCube Versatile bunded fuel storage tanks

The SiteCube Versatile range features galvanized stacking corners and has primary and secondary galvanized hatch lids. A truly innovative design, it was first created in 2007 and has a unique 3 tier component system comprising a main outer lid, primary inner tank and outer protection tank. It also features a large and easily accessible equipment compartment for the safe securing of pumps, filters, hose reels and dispensing nozzles (all of which are supplied by DyMac Canada).

The SiteCube Versatile range offers capacities from 500L – 2000L and is suitable for portable, transportable, static and off-shore applications. It has approvals from leading test laboratories worldwide, and offers UL 142, ULC S601-14, UN31A/Y, IBC, ADR certification. The SiteCube’s innovative and user friendly design is the preferred choice for many leaders in the Fuel Distribution, Equipment Rentals, Mining, Oil and Gas, and Military industries.

SiteCube Versatile SCV-2000L

Robust, versatile and transportable steel bunded fuel storage tank with dispensing equipment chamber.